Using graphic design as a vehicle to practise across disciplines and trades, I've worked independently with a variety of teams, companies, and organizations on a range of creative projects spanning art, environment, culture, and technology.

In 2015 I co-founded Alder with a group of close collaborators to support this work, our studio is based in Burlington, Vermont. Currently, I am co-creating the design circle within Mosaic, a growing techonology-focused construction company based in San Francisco, California.

You can view my full resume here.

Christopher Norris
Photo from Tallesin West taken by Jasmine Parsia

"...toward an ever more inclusive and reining comprehension by all humanity — regarding all the factors covering omnicontinuing life aboard our spaceship Earth — can bring about reorientation from the self-extinction-bound human trending"

Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth, Buckminster Fuller